Paul Walsham (UK)
#Hurts, Barclay James Harvest, Ariel Bender Band

Paiste Artist Since Dec 2004


14" Twenty Custom Collection Full Hats
10" Twenty Custom Collection Thin Splash
18" Twenty Custom Collection Metal Crash
20" Twenty Custom Collection Metal Crash
20" Twenty Custom Collection Full Ride
18" Twenty Custom Collection Thin China


Paul has played drums most of his life, starting early at the age of 7 due to the influence of his father who is also a drummer. Playing from such an early age has enabled Paul to develop extensive experience in a wide variety of styles.

Paul Walsham is an outstanding drummer with superb sight reading ability. Over the years Paul has added many facets to his playing and performance by developing percussive skills and incorporating electronic equipment into his acoustic setup.

Major professional achievements to date include various television appearances, and performances with Artists such as Hurts, Elvis Costello, Simon Webbe, Craig David, Atomic Kitten, Barclay James Harvest, Patricia Kass and many more. Paul always adopts a positive and pragmatic attitude, his extensive experience as a session player, peripatetic teacher and drum clinician has enhanced his ability to quickly establish a good working rapport with colleagues and adapt to new situations.