Carsten Enghardt (DE)

Paiste Artist Since Nov 2000


20" Signature Heavy China
20" Signature Traditionals Medium Light Ride
17" Signature Full Crash
10" Signature Splash
14" Signature Traditionals Medium Light Hi-Hat
8" Signature Splash
14" Signature Power Hi-Hat
17" Signature Traditionals Thin Crash
18" Signature Traditionals Thin Crash
21" Signature Dry Heavy Ride
20" Signature Thin China


Drawn to music at his preschool days Carsten made it to the stage at the early age of 12. An experience he later characterized as the "the initial spark" for his ongoing love with the drums. His first band Wotan`s Voice best described as German Punk Rock served as springboard for the young enthusiast. Hard Like Oak, Kirov's Boggie Stuff, Body & Soul, Shit Hits The Fan and Das Leben were just a few formations to follow. Eventually he met bassists Peter Stimmel (Musicland Studio Munich) and Harry Schnitzler (Union Studios Munich & Arco Studios Munich) as well as producer Kristian Schultze (Klaus Doldinger`s Passport), who supported and promoted the young talent. Teacher Gilby Karno helped broaden Carsten's versatility and shape his love for all styles of music from Jazz to R&B, to Funk and Rock. Munich's vivid studio scene further deepened the love for all shades of contemporary drumming. Eventually producers Abi Linn and Norbert Kreuzer called him to join international act En-Sonic. More touring was to follow keeping Carsten busy performing with the likes of Billy Preston, Karl Keaton, Dynamite Light, Bad News, Black Attack and many more. His rapidly growing studio schedule lists Juliane Werding, Greg Wood, Robin Beck, Worthy Davis, Devin Ashlee, Chill Out feat. L-Zone, S-Club 7, Faithless, Rob Reynolds, John Sutterland, Edison Arthur, N-Sync, Abi von Reininghaus before embarking on a 2-year tour with band Vanilla Ninja playing the big arenas again. His outstanding drumming did not go unrecognized and eventually lead to his working with Lionel Richie. Showing no sign of rest Carsten soon found himself in the producer's chair playing the drums and leading productions spanning from film to commercials to rock and pop records. Carsten's grooves can be heard in tv-commercials for Media Markt, Mini Cooper, Audi etc

Current bands and releases: Q-Ten Peck, Da*Unexpected, Munich Bluesgang, Universal Gospel Flavor, Mayor`s Destiny, Turbo Lerone, Patgirl feat. Extreme Arts and more…

Next to his drumming Carsten is busy heading his own promotion agency ce-promotion and producing artists in his own recording studio 1st take studio. For more information please go to

www.carstenenghardt.com and www.ce-promotion.de