Dave Krusen (US)

Paiste Artist Since May 2006


14" 2002 Medium Hi-Hat
20" 2002 Paperthin
22" Signature Traditionals Light Ride
18" Signature Traditionals Thin Crash
20" Signature Traditionals Medium Light Swish


Dave is originally from the Seattle area where he got his start in the 80’s and in 1990 became the founding drummer of Pearl Jam. Dave worked with Eddie Vedder’s wife in Hovercraft, in which he recorded and tour the US and Europe.

Then it was onto Candlebox for the record “happy pills”, and extensive touring followed by Unified Theory, with his friends from Blind Melon, Christopher Thorn and Brad Smith. Since that band broke up in 2001, Dave has been living in the Los Angeles area working with a wide variety of extremely talented musicians, producers and engineers.

Toy Robot, Puppies and Kittens, Codename Mike, Shelby, Lowlight, La La Birdtime, George Stanford. U.S. debut shows in L.A. and N.Y. for Ida Maria.2011 Candlebox, John Pringle. TELEVISION PERFORMANCES:
Cheyenne Kimball: MTV reality series 'Cheyenne' (summer '06)
Cartoon Network performance with Cheyenne Kimball (June '06)
Regis and Kelly with Cheyenne Kimball (July '06)
The View with Cheyenne Kimball (July '06)
CBS Morning Show with Cheyenne Kimball (Sept. '06)
The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson with Cheyenne Kimball (Aug '06)
The Megan Mullally Show with Cheyenne Kimball (Sept '06)
MTV pilot-The Johnny Fayva Show (Jan. '07)
CBS Pro Bowl Halftime performance with Cheyenne Kimball(Feb. '07)
Carson Daily Show with Ida Maria (Mar. ‘09)

Ten Redux-Pearl Jam (Epic Legacy) release date March 24, 2009
Into the Sun-Candlebox (Silent Majority Group, LLC) release date July 22, 2008
Candlebox Greatest Hits (Rhino Records)
The Day Has Come-Cheyenne Kimball (Epic Records)

Ten-Pearl Jam (Epic Records) RIAA platinum status 13+ million copie
s Lost Dogs-Pearl Jam (Epic Records) RIAA platinum status
Rearview Mirror-Pearl Jam (Epic Records) RIAA platinum status
Happy Pills-Candlebox (Maverick Records) RIAA gold status
Akathasia-Hovercraft (Mute Records)
Unified Theory-Unified Theory (333 Universal Music Group)
Invitation-Carrie Akre (Good Ink Records)
Shaping The Invisible- Thee Heavenly Music Association (Fierce Panda-UK)
Time Can't Wait-Novatone (Wax Orchard)

Chicago Cab-Hovercraft (Loosegroove Records)1997
The Waterboy-Candlebox (Hollywood Records)1998
Cheyenne-Cheyenne Kimball (MTV Networks) 2006
Cold Case-Pearl Jam (CBS & Jerry Bruckheimer Television-two part finale)May 2009
Guitar Hero and Rock Band (Pearl Jam-Epic) 2009

Dr. Heartstring-Puppies and Kittens 2009
15 Hits-Unified Theory 2007
Hanging On-Cheyenne Kimball 2006
Easy As You Love-Novatone 2005
California-Unified Theory 2000
It’s Alright-Candlebox 1998

ENDORSEMENTS:DW-Drums, pedals and hardware, Remo-heads, Vater-drumsticks, Paiste-cymbals