Craig Blundell (UK)
#Steven Wilson, Pendragon, Frost

Paiste Artist Since Apr 2006


Pendragon Tour Set
18" Alpha Medium Swiss Crash
14" Twenty Custom Collection Full Hats
10" RUDE Mini China/Signature Micro-Hats Bottom stacked custom
19" 2002 Wild China
10" 2002 Splash
10" Signature Splash
21" 2002 Wild China
18" Masters Dark Crash
22" 2002 Heavy Ride
20" Masters Dark Crash


Craig Blundell is a Premier, Roland and Paiste international clinician. His profile has been steadily growing over the past few years and is now in high demand to perform all over the world either recording, performing live or on drum clinics. Outside the clinician world he runs an extremely busy diary, he has his own column in Drummer magazine, writes, produces and remixes for various acts and labels under the moniker of Dr oKtopus and currently plays live with David Cross from King Crimson and neo progressive rock supergroup Frost*

His clinics continue to get amazing reviews as he constantly seems to push the boundaries of his instrument and inspire players with his unique perspective and creativity

For further information check out
www.craigblundell.net www.droktopus.net