Mark was born in Long Beach, CA on September 7, 1968 and started drumming at the advice of his father (also a drummer) at age 11 due to frustration after two years with the clarinet. Today, Mark’s passion is all things rock-n-roll from deep, blues shuffles to classic hard rock. Most importantly Mark is a team player who plays musically *for the song*. Mark has extensive experience playing with a click as well as in improvisational settings. His look is hip, youthful, healthy and he is always on time.

Mark: “I've played the drums for most of my life starting at 11 years old when my dad borrowed a snare drum from a friend (a beautiful 1939 WFL) to see if I'd like it. Next he found a teacher for me named Larry Troxel, who was doing all of the Long Beach Civic Light Opera shows at the Performing Arts Center. His stipulation was that I was not to have a drumset for an entire year, during which he would train and prepare me with hand/wrist technique and the basic rudiments. I agreed and it was a hard year, but it worked. Later on, I also studied with the great Joe Porcaro. Eventually I developed a style that I describe as ‘all things rock 'n' roll’. From Buddy to Bonham, I love when it swings.”

Mark has been heavily involved in the eclectic Long Beach music scene since the late 1980s. He is busy performing live gigs weekly both near and far as well as studio recording sessions. For example, Mark performs on Jeff Ocheltree’s internationally acclaimed instructional drum DVD “Trust Your Ears” to demonstrate Jeff’s legendary techniques. Artists and bands that Mark has performed and/or recorded with include Don Felder, Jay Buchanan (Rival Sons), Rocco Deluca, Tomasina, Disney, Chris Hanlin, The DIBS, Frank Simes, Spirit Of Zeppelin, Luz Rios, Joshua Bartholomew, Twelvehourmary, Sas, Deccatree, The Actors, Tony McCashen, Theodore, Wonderlove, The2, Crimson Crowbar, Knyght Ryder, Them Novus, Radio Domingo, Green Natives, The Inglorious Tarantinos, Long Beach Blues Army, The Boozedogs, The Regular Guys, Boxcar 7, Super Big Knife, Wanted, Silver, George Fryer, Southland, Jukes, The Peace Bombs, Pat Gallagher, Room To Roam, Rae Enrico, Keenan Castello, Brian Parker, Brad Davis, Cory Joseph Clark, Sleepless Me, Chris Paul Overall, The Promenade Players, Mike Vitale trio, Hawkline Monster, The Trip, The Bang Bros, Victor, ....

Mark also endorses Vic Firth Drumsticks and also enjoys collecting vintage drums. However, Mark’s talents do not end at the drum kit. He produces recordings: both his own and others’ at his home studio.