Josh Dekaney (US)
#Mary Fahl, Independent, Syracuse University

Paiste Artist Since Dec 1999


15" Signature Traditionals Medium Light Hi-Hat
20" Signature Dark Energy Dark Dry Ride Mark I
20" Signature Traditionals Medium Light Ride
20" Signature Dark Energy Dark Energy Crash Mark I


At the crossroads of Texas, Brazil, and central New York percussionist Joshua Dekaney weaves musical traditions with style and community. Whether on stage or in the studio, Dekaney plays multi percussion with a soulful, deft touch and a keen ear for balancing the ensemble. Originally from Houston, Dekaney was a featured headliner of the Batuka! 2010 International Drum Fest in São Paulo. His love for Brazilian music has led him to travel extensively throughout Brazil studying folk and popular music and allowed him to work with artists Vera Figueiredo, Flavio Pimenta, & Tribores. Since becoming an Part Time Professor of Percussion at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York, Dekaney has taught drumset, hand percussion, jazz improvisation, jazz combo, and Samba Laranja: The Syracuse University Brazilian Ensemble which has performed for over 14,000 public school students and been featured four times at Jazz at Lincoln Center. His interest in diverse music has led Dekaney to work with artists Mary Fahl, Peter Cetera, Kaïssa, Jimmy Haslip, and Aretha Franklin. He has also collaborated with modern dance artists Jawole Zollar and Maia Claire Garrison, composers Michael Daugherty & Andy Waggoner, and animator Heath Hanlin. In addition, he has performed with the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra, the Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra, the Lexington Philharmonic, the Binghamton Philharmonic, and the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra. Ranging from Americana to Jazz to World Music, Dekaney currently works with many groups in central New York including Mark Doyle’s Guitar Noir, Grupo Pagán, the Intention, Samba Laranja, and singer/songwriters Jeffery Pepper Rodgers and Wendy Ramsay. Dekaney plays Paiste cymbals, Evans drumheads, Vic Firth sticks, and Pearl drums and percussion. www.joshdekaney.com Dekaney is a voting member of both the Academy Recording Arts & Sciences (Grammy’s) and the Latin Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (LARAS).