Mauricio Claveria (MX)
#La Ley, Los Concorde

Paiste Artist Since Aug 2002



Mauricio Claveria is one of the most experienced and acknowledged drummers in Latin America. With more than 25 years of playing his instrument, Mauricio has gone through almost every single step of what a musician must go through during his life. With a very solid musical background regarding his musical formation, Mauricio started his career when he turned 18. Back then, working in recording studios provided him the opportunity to learn the basics about music and together with his work in the Chilean band “La Ley” for almost 16 years, it all helped him to develop and strengthen his knowledge as a drummer and music producer.

During his time as a drummer for La Ley, Mauricio and his bandmates won multiple awards. Awards from the acclaimed American and Latin Grammy Awards, Lo Nuestro Awards, Gardel Awards and Apes Award, to the MTV Music Awards. Their last honor came to them thanks to their Unplugged material and all of this derived from their high music production sale and the gold/silver records received for each of them.

Mauricio and his bandmates decided to start focusing on music Production and they produced “Vertigo”, a record where we can find different electronic rhythms blended with a futuristic touch. On the other hand, he also worked on a co-production of soundtracks for the film “SIEMPRE, theme of the soundtrack for Disney’s movies “Crazy Beautiful” and “Estrellas que dan Vida” from the animated film “Treasure Planet”.

Nowadays, Mauricio Claveria is working full time in the production of several Latin-American music bands, and given his experience on and back stage, he’s a synonymous of success and firm support for the bands looking after getting a unique style, with the distinctive touch only a trajectory like Claveria’s can provide.

Mauricio always pursues to be one step ahead regarding music and technology, like his drums and recording equipment, and that helps him to easily create rhythms, melodies and mixes, which are exquisite to the ear, with a strong musicality.

In 2006 after La Ley took a brake, Mauricio formed a new great band named "los Concorde", the band was a success in Mexico and Latin America with his debut album named "Region 4". Having only two years playing together they won many awards in Latin America and Mexico. Now Mauricio is preparing a new album with los Concorde.