Rodger Carter (US)

Paiste Artist Since Sep 1993


8" Signature Splash
15" Signature Dark Energy Dark Energy Hats Mark I
10" Twenty Mini China
8" RUDE Splash custom
18" Signature Power Crash
19" Signature Power Crash
21" Signature Dry Heavy Ride
20" RUDE China


Born and raised in Los Angeles, California Rodger created a path in music from early on. From his first tour with Lita Ford at the age of 21 to his years of studio work and non-stop touring that followed, Rodger's powerful and consistent style has always kept him working in one of the most competitive cities for music in the world. Rodger has worked with artists John 5, Berlin, John Waite, Justin Guarini, Eddie Money, Meredith Brooks, Evan & Jaron, Lisa Loeb, and Lita Ford.

In 2002 Rodger opened The Doghouse Studio in Los Angeles where the list of top artists & producers is quickly growing. When Rodger is not running Doghouse Studio he is frequently on the road touring internationally with Rick Springfield.

As a Paiste Artist since 1994, Rodger is happy to have come up in the music business playing his favorite cymbals. "I'm happy to be playing the cymbals that I grew up listening to my favorite drummers playing. "I really love the Dark Energy cymbals... plenty of cutting power and still very warm. I'm playing those both in the studio & live with some Signature Series as well... GREAT SOUNDS !!!