Ivan Busic (BR)

Paiste Artist Since Oct 1998


17" Dimensions Medium Heavy Crash
18" RUDE China
11/18" Noise Works Dark Buzz China
14" 2002 Heavy Hi-Hat
17" 2002 Wild Crash
10" 2002 Splash
12" 2002 Splash
18" 2002 Wild Crash
20" 2002 Power Ride
20" Signature Dark Energy Dark Dry Ride Mark I
14" 2002 Wild Hats
18" 2002 Rock China
18" RUDE Crash/Ride
12" Signature Flanger Bell


Born in Sao Paulo into a musical family, Ivan has always admired and followed his father's career, André Busic, memberand founder of bands like the Traditional Jazz Band, Brazilian Jazz Stompers and Blue Gang. Always seeking to learn, he watched his father’s shows, inheriting a great influence from Jazz, Blues, Country and Rock.

At age 17 he recorded his first album with the band Platina, following up with many other bands and albums such asCherokee, The Key of the Sun (The Key), Taffo, Supla and finally his current band, the power trio Dr . Sin, which heformed with brother Ivan Busic and Eduardo Ardanuy. He’s participated in hundreds of other jobs as a hired musician ora special guest for Coup, Kiko Loureiro, Silvia Araújo, Eduardo Araújo, Daniel Gonzaga, André Busic & Hot Line JazzBand, Claudio Celso, Vera Negri, Wreckage, Pitbulls On Crack, Arthur Maia, Deborah Blando and others. He’s also been on the cover of musician magazines Modern Drummer, and Cover Batera in which he has his own monthly column and is constantly present in other magazines of the genre.

He surely has developed his own style over the years beginning with when he played evenings with his father's band. Ivanis an accomplished soloist, but his greatest concern is the big picture and not just the drums. He locks in perfectly with his brother and bass player Andria, which has won the duo many awards for Best Rhythm Section in Brazilian Rock, but they play various other styles. He is currently professor at the Souza Lima music conservatory, one of the most famous music schools in Brazil. Anyone who has had the opportunity to hear any of Dr.Sin’s albums or shows, can sense his firmness and groove, which has undoubtedly made him one of the great drummers.

Name: Ivan Busic
Birthday: 2/15/1967
Cymbals: Paiste
Drums: Nagano
Sticks: Vic Firth Model 5A - Special Signature Ivan Busic
Skins: Luen Drumheads
Cases: AVS Bags
Wears: Spank