Michael Wolpers (DE)

Paiste Artist Since Feb 2002



Michael started playing Drums at the age of 20. Before that, he was really into playing soccer. After a few years of practicing, things started to develop and he did a all kind of studio jobs, as you can see in the list below.

Michael also had appearances on Frankfurt Musikmesse for Sonor in the years 2001-2003, and on the Paiste Booth in 2006, and did Clinics in the years 2003-2004 for both companies. The last two years, he hit the international scene with SOUL DOCTOR in Spain, Italy, France, Sweden and England, for example on some of the biggest Festivals, like "Sweden Rock" in 2007, "United Forces of Rock" in 2007, "Firefest" in 2007" and "Bang your Head" in 2006.

Please find below a list of the bands/artists, for whom Michael Wolpers worked in studio:
• Treibhaus: "Alphatier"
• Dodoleo: "Se solo ci sei tu"
• Treibhaus: "Live in Hannover"
• Kensington Road: "A Story from Somewhere in between"
• Treibhaus: "Alarmstufe Rot"
• Soul Doctor: "That's Live"
• Glow: "Every single day"
• Guano Apes: "Proud like a god" and their second release "Don't give me names"
• Such a Surge: "Der Surge Effekt", "Nie mehr Lovesongs - Remix"
• Jailbait: "Once upon a time"
• Sonnit: "Heaven is closer"
• Missing Link: "Ahead"
• Piranha Smile: "Megabytes, Bits & Pieces"
• Summerfield: "Just got a new guitar"
• Summerfield: "Just got another new guitar"
• It takes president: "Hey Lord"
• Superfly 69: "Sing it with a smile"
• Rockmusical: "Eisenhans"
• LAW: "Life after weekend"
• Carlini: "Tides of time"
• Nikki Puppet: "Puppet on a string"
• Native Instruments: "Battery 2"
• Treibhaus: "Feindbild"
• Soul Doctor: "Blood runs cold"
• King Curry : "Back to Mountain Mama" - Tour Live DVD
• Dan Crow : "Eternal Life"

Furthermore, the following releases:

"Tom Cörry Vol. 3" with "Carlini" and "Best of BS" with Piranha Smile, a.m.m. Last, but not least, he worked in the studio for and/or played live with bands like Donots, MyBalloon, Beatsteaks, Moon'Doc, and musicians from Heaven's Gate and Zeno.