Ian Budha (US)
#Rocktown, The Greg Warren Band

Paiste Artist Since Jun 2000


10" Dimensions Thin Splash
14" 2002 Rock Hats
17" 2002 Power Crash
18" 2002 Wild Crash
20" 2002 Heavy Ride
17" 2002 Rock Crash
20" 2002 China


Ian Budha was born and raised in New York City and currently resides in Orlando Florida. A self taught musician who began playing the drums at the age of 13, Ianís influences include Neil Peart, Scott Rockenfield, Carmine Appace, Steve Smith, Dave Weckl, and Mike Portnoy.

From 1994 Ė 2005, Ian was the drummer of the wildly successful cover band Kabang. Base out of NYC, they performed over 1500 shows at venues the eastern United States. In 2005, Ian co-founded the all original modern rock band Ambertone. In the past three years the band has tour with and opened for platinum selling artist Tantric (smg), Seven Mary Three (Bellum), 12 Stones (Windup), Days of the New, Luna Halo (Columbia Records), Stereoside (Belier Bros), Amaru (ex-Shinedown, Burn Season), Lennex (Rockstar Supernova), and Society Red (ex-Puddle of Mudd, Shinedown).

In 2007, Ambertone signed with indie label Old Groove Records. The band has since recorded their debut album "Shifting Stars and Disregards" which was released August 23rd 2008. Produced, engineered and mixed by Casey Daniel (founding and current member of 7Mary3) and co-produced by Greg Pontoni, Shifting Stars and Disregards is already creating an enormous buzz throughout the industry.

"My Disaster" was also the #1 Hard Rock song in the country for the month of July on OurStage.com. Although the album is the band's freshman release, it features cameo appearances by veteran musicians Hugo Ferreira (lead singer for TANTRIC) and Thomas Juliano (lead guitarist for 7Mary3). The band is currently in talks with several major labels bidding to release the record worldwide in 2009 which will be followed by a world tour.