Paul Brochu (CA)
#Gregory Charles, Gino Vanelli, Alain Caron, Uzeb

Paiste Artist Since Oct 1984



Paul is widely acclaimed as one of Canada's top drummers and it all started at the tender age of 7. By the time Paul turned 13, he was taking private lessons with Roger Juneau, Principal Percussionist with the Quebec Symphony Orchestra and head of the Percussion Dept. at the Quebec Conservatory. At 16, Paul joined Quebec City's premier Top 40 band and a respected Jazz group. Paul's best known group, UZEB, was formed shortly after graduating from the Conservatory with a Master's Degree in Percussion and this wildly successful and musician-respected project would carry on for 12 years!

Touring throughout Canada, the USA and Europe and Asia allowed Paul to become widely renowned for his mastery of Acoustic and Electronic drums - this is to say nothing of his skills in MIDI and sequencing. UZEB honors are many: 1983/1984/1986/1987/1989/1991 Jazz album and/or Group of the Year (ADISQ), Currently Paul is playing with Gino Vannelli both with the touring band and Vanelli's special appearances with some of the finest Symphony Orchestras around the world.

Paul is also passionate about education and passing along his skills to new Percussionists and is currently teaching at the University of Montreal.