Emedin Rivera (US)
#Freelance, Eileen Ivers

Paiste Artist Since Jun 2002



Emedin Rivera started playing the bongos at the age of 8, and his exposure and passion for music came from his father and uncle who both played in a trio in Puerto Rico.

Emedin has a unique and creative ability to incorporate and blend his latin Caribbean african influences into a vast array of musical styles. Emedin has developed his own system of playing drums and congas simutaneously, (sounding like three people), calling it "Percussion Kit". Emedin is well known for his sound effects, many of which are hand made by him. They can be heard on some of the National Geographic shows.

Emedin has performed live with Harry Belafante, Gregory Hines, Paquito De Rivera, Vicky Sue Robinson, Angela Bofill, Gloria Gaynor, Ben E King, Dave Samuels, Dave Valentine, Andy Narell, and Latoya Jackson just to name a few.

He has recorded live with Larry Coryell, Bob James, Chuck Mangione, Nelson Rangell, Harry Belafonte, Maria Schneider, Rick Cua, Denise Williams and many others. Emedin has also played on a few movie soundtracks, such as Sixteen Blocks, Tough Turf, End of Night and more. Emedin's commercial credits are Anheiser Bush, Mercedes Benz, Visa, Seven Up, Crest Tooth paste and more.

Emedin also proudly endorses Latin Percussion, Vic Firth Drum Sticks, Attack Drumheads, and Duallist pedals.