Born in Hackney, North London. First started getting into drums at about 9 yrs old after seeing Gene Krupa in a film on TV!!!

Played in various bands in school and began playing in Pubs in the East End of London at 13yrs old, backing singers and strippers!

Got first pro job at 17 playing in a club in London. Joined first successful band called Stretch in 1976 and had first hit single called "Why Did You Do It?"

From Stretch played with other well-known acts including The Climax Blues Band, Judie Tzuke and Def Leppard, (helped Rick Allen with electronic kit after he lost his arm in a car accident and also played gigs with the band in Europe).

Joined Status Quo in 1985 and stayed with them for 16 years touring and recording about 15 albums. Got fed up with the touring ( did not see his first 2 children grow up), and left the band to pursue drumming workshops in schools colleges and universities and has now visited over 5,000 schools in the U.K. Recently re-married and has 2 children aged 3 and 1yr old from this marriage. Now lives in Lincolnshire and is extremely happy with his new family! Jeff still plays gigs with his R&B band and is at present involved with various other musical projects.