Jan Noponen (FI)

Paiste Artist Since Nov 1982


6" 2002 Accent Cymbal
8" 3000 Bell
12" PST 8 Cajon Hi-Hat Top
12" Alpha Medium Hi-Hat Bottom
8" Signature Splash
10" PST X Swiss Splash
8" 2002 Splash
14" Sound Formula Crystal Crash
14" PST X Swiss Thin Crash
20" Formula 602 Classic Sounds Medium Ride
12" 900 Series Splash
20" Sound Creation Dark China
18" 3000 Power Crash


Jan Noponen started playing drums at a young age and his professional career took off when he joined Pave Maijanen’s Mistakes in 1981. Their first recording together ”Pidä Huolta” was an instant hit and has later earned status as a classic. After Mistakes he played in Lapinlahden Linnut, RinneRadio, Guitarslingers, Akimowskaja Bros and Sisters and was regularly seen gigging in local clubs with various ensembles. In 1991 he joined the reformed Wigwam - originally formed in 1968 and a Virgin records artist in the seventies. The band celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2018 with a sold out concert hall tour.

He has played in theatre productions in major theaters as well as with independent theatre groups. He has also played in various movie and TV productions such as Ajolähtö, Velipuolikuu and Hardwick. Noponen has also been active as a composer and composed nearly one hundred theatre and TV productions. His compositions for dance theater have been heard in France, Germany, Netherlands and Argentina.

As a session musician he has recorded with such artists as Albert Järvinen, Dave Lindholm, M. A. Numminen, Maukka Perusjätkä, Freud,Marx, Engels and Jung, Waltari,and Sakari Kuosmanen. Besides producing his own albums he has also produced albums for other artists receiving a gold record as a producer of Mari Rantasila’s album "Vain rakkaus".