Duda Neves (BR)
#Educator, Michel Freidenson, Larissa Cavalcanti Trio

Paiste Artist Since Jul 1982



Duda Neves (born Nov 5, 1953) is a Brazilian drummer, composer, arranger, educator and also plays guitar and piano.

During his career, Duda has recorded and performed with many of major Brazilian artists from pop, funk, samba and jazz scene and actively participates in the Brazilian cultural and musical scene. In the 1970s, Duda has recorded and performed with Simone, Belchior, Wanderléia, Eduardo Araújo and Sylvinha and performed with "Pão e Circo" theather group at The World Theater Festival in Nancy, France. In the 80s he toured with Jorge Benjor and Fabio Junior and Arrigo Barnabé, with whom he also played in Jazz Festivals Germany, France and Italy. He also performed with Guilherme Vergueiro, Nico Assumpção and others great Brazilian musician from the international jazz scene. He lived in New York between 1980 and 1981 where he worked with Nana Vasconcelos, Don Salvador, Charlie Rouse, Claudio Celso, Don Um Romão, among others. In the 90s he performed with Tim Maia, Edu Lobo, Pau Brasil, Tetê Espíndola, Vânia Bastos, José Miguel Wisnik, Raul de Souza, Frank Gambale and others. In the years 2000 he played with João Donato and Marcio Montarroyos and also performed with Michel Freidenson at at the "North Sea Jazz Fest" in Amsterdam, Holland.

Duda has recorded four solo albuns- "Urucum" (1990), "Tempo Bom" (1992), "Temporal" (2000) and Erupção (2002).

He was quoted as one of the best jazz drummers in the world by the French magazine "Jazz Hot" for his international work with Arrigo Barnabé and also mentioned by "Bizz" magazine as one of the greatest Brazilian musicians.

Between 2002 and 2017, Duda moved from São Paulo to the coast, where he worked as a percussion teacher at "Guri" social project and as teacher and coordinator of the Music Department at the Verdescola Institute, attending to more than 700 kids, in the city of São Sebastião. In this period, Duda also taught music courses by the Secretary of Culture of the city.

Duda recorded seven successful video lessons and drums method, which were widely used in several music schools in Brazil and abroad.

He organizes Music Workshops for children, youth and adults in various schools and cultural centers throughout Brazil. He teaches at his drums school in São Paulo and at the Professional Musicians Union of the State of São Paulo, having already trained many professionals in the area.

Currently, he performs with his trio, accompanied by Michel Freidenson on keyboards and Sylvinho Mazucca Jr. on the bass. He also plays in festivals and workshops, and also performs with Vitória Maldonado, Larissa Cavalcanti and José Neto.