Anthony Michelli (CA)

Paiste Artist Since Sep 2001


18" Signature Mellow Crash
14" Signature Dark Energy Light Dark Hats Mark I
20" Masters Dark Crash Ride
21" Signature Dark Energy Light Dark Ride Mark I
17" Signature Dark Energy Dark Energy Crash Mark I


Anthony Michelli, Canadian born and internationally respected professional has fostered a creative and successful career as a drum set performer, post-secondary educator and sound recording producer.

Appreciative to be a member of various diverse projects featuring an extensive list of celebrated, distinguished composers and performers, Anthony is able to actualize his unique approach performing in many varied styles of music equally with respect and dedication to the art of creating ‘Music’. He accredits any and all accolades under his name to his motivation, interest and willingness to progress along side of a persistent quest for knowledge allowing him to remain relevant, current and active for over two decades now as an esteemed professional.

In addition, Anthony has recorded and collaborated with a multitude of artists in the contemporary jazz, original composition, world, popular and creative music genres spanning from 1995 to the present day with over one hundred recordings listed in his discography while periodically finding time to lead his own group.

“Anthony Michelli, a drummer who plays with great sensitivity and an ability to listen with incredible patience. Mr. Michelli eschews flash and unnecessary virtuosity, playing instead well within himself…” Raul Da Gama – Latin Jazz Network

“Anthony Michelli elevates ‘in the pocket’ to another dimension.” Brent Black – Jazz Times

Please visit www.anthonymichelli.com for more specific information and background.

Social Media:
Twitter: www.twitter.com/anthonymichelli
YouTube: www.youtube.com/drummerbroadcast