Rich Mangicaro (US)
#Glenn Frey, Joe Walsh, Bisquera Brothers

Paiste Artist Since Jan 1982


18" Signature Full Crash
Set Percussive Sounds 15 pc. Finger Cymbal Row
7" Percussive Sounds Rotosound No. 3
16" Signature Dark Energy Dark Energy Crash Mark I
10" Signature Dark Energy Dark Energy Splash Mark I
12/14/14" Noise Works Tripple Raw Smash
14" 2002 Flanger Splash
17" Alpha Sensitive China


Rich Mangicaro currently resides in Santa Monica, California.  For over 25 years, he's simultaneously balanced varied positions in the entertainment business, including artist relations management, music journalism, film production, music recording and performing.  
For the past 13 years, Rich has been the percussionist/vocalist for Glenn Frey's solo band (founding member of the Eagles).  He's also worked with Joe Walsh, Venice, Michael McDonald, David Crosby, Billy Idol, Jackson Browne, Dave Mason, The Tubes and Aaron Neville. In Los Angeles, Rich remains active working with various local artists and is also the drummer for Son To The Boy - the debut music project of actor James Paige Morrison.  Recordings featuring Rich include releases from Venice, actor Jeff Bridges, Jonathan Clark, Brooke Pernice, James Paige Morrison, John Vester, Jenni Alpert, Bob Seger vocalist-Laura Creamer and Bisquera Brothers.  
Rich acted as Content Director for internet record label NovaTunes, where he worked on projects for internationally known artists Jackson Browne, Leon Russell, Bernard Fowler (vocalist-The Rolling Stones), Meiko, Brian Ray (guitarist-Paul McCartney), Graham Nash as well as many up & coming artists.  Also previously for 19 years, he was the Director of Artist Relations/Music Education for the Paiste Cymbal Company.  While at Paiste, he worked closely with that industry's top name artists, assisted in product design, managed ad campaigns, as well as conducted educational seminars in the States, Europe, South America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
As music journalist, Rich has written featured articles for various music trades including Modern Drummer, Drumhead, Rhythm UK, Batteur and Percussive Notes.  As educator, a workshop he created entitled “Backlot To Backstage” is frequently sponsored by the Sherry Lansing Foundation and focuses on music and film business topics, including panel discussions with various experts from all areas of entertainment.  
Currently, Rich Mangicaro heads up his own company, ArtistRelationships.com, where he manages Artist Relations for both the Gon Bops Percussion Company and Innovative Percussion, Inc. He is also the producer for a documentary film entitled, "From Within To Without - An Observation Of Spontaneous Creation".  His film focuses on improvisatory creation through various art forms and is expected for release in 2013.