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Series Description: These definitely different cymbals were inspired by the revolution of punk and metal during the late 1970s. RUDE continues to be the leading choice of sound for raw, merciless and powerful musical energy in Rock, Metal, and Punk.
Since: 1980
Alloy: CuSn8 Bronze, also known as "2002 Bronze"
Applications: Medium loud to extremely loud • Live and recording • Punk, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Rock/Metal Crossover Styles & Derivatives, and contemporary styles rooted in/or similar to those styles
Sound: Raw, metallic, powerful, lively, sparkling, bright, icy and energetic with heavy mid-range harmonics and powerful, cutting characteristics

2002 familiy
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Drummer Feedback

Matt Byrne # Hatebreed
The Rude cymbals are a definitive trademark of my drum sound. The dark, loud wash of my 20” Ride/Crash is a perfect compliment to the explosive, brighter cuts that come from my 18' and 19' Rude Wild Crashes.

Charlie Benante # Anthrax
My Cymbal Set up is still 60% RUDES. I've been a RUDE fan for 25 years. When you need to cut through everyone else, there's No Better Cymbal than the GINSU of Cymbals....FUCKING RUDES!!!!!!!!!!

Jordan Burns # Strung Out
I've played Paiste exclusively for the past 20 years and they are always developing new top notch cymbals. For the past few years since they were introduced, I have been playing the Rude Wild crashes. These cymbals are exactly what they say...Rude and loud which is what I’m after with the heavy music that I play.
They also have great durability which is a big plus when your constantly smashing your cymbals as hard as you can. For my ride, I have used the 2002 22" Power Ride for as long as I can re-call. It's my favorite ride cymbal and I’ve used it on every recording I’ve ever played on. I must say, I’m a Paiste player for life!!!