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Series Description: Forged from a proprietary bronze developed specifically for cymbals, handcrafted from start to finish by highly skilled Swiss craftsmen, conceived and executed according to uncompromising sound concepts, Signature Cymbals are instruments of unsurpassed quality for the discerning drummer’s quest for personal creativity and musical excellence.
Since: 1989
Alloy: Proprietary Signature Bronze
Applications: Most volume settings • Live and recording • Wide range of music styles such as Pop, Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Funk, R&B, Classic, Avant-garde, Big Band, Country, Blues and Gospel
Sound: Musical, transparent, beautiful, rich, colorful, full, clear, expressive sound • The range of models features everything from particularly delicate, well balanced and sensitive to expressive, potent and powerful and projective qualities

Signature «Reflector Finish»

Since: 2004
Series Description: Paiste first pioneered this featured production process with our innovative Reflector Cymbals back in the 1980’s
• Unlike modern high speed buffing methods, Paiste Reflector Cymbals employ a proprietary surface treatment technique that generates a smooth, luminous, shimmering finish - without producing high levels of heat, which can substantially alter the natural condition of the bronze metal and dampen the cymbal sound.
Sonic Characteristics of the Reflector Finish:Paiste’s Signature Reflector cymbals basically share the same overall sonic parameters, feel and function as corresponding Signature models with a regular lathed finish. The general effect of the Reflector finish on these cymbals is very subtle and may be summarized as follows:
• The sonic timbre and color of these instruments is somewhat lower, which makes the cymbals feel a bit darker.
• The frequency range is wider due to the lower pitch of the fundamental note and higher overtones at the upper end of the frequency spectrum.
• The frequency mix is cooler and cleaner, as the high, middle and lower frequencies are more distinctly layered, due to the less dominant character of the middle layer - the «voice» of the cymbal.
• The stick sound and bell character tend to be slightly more distinct and separated, while the Hi-Hat chick sound tends to be a bit softer, warmer and more compact.
• The duration of the cymbal’s sustain is relatively similar, however the midrange frequencies fade faster.
• The overall feel is substantially the same, except Crashes and Chinas tend to feel a bit softer and more controllable.
• Weight, volume range, transient response and dynamic intensity are close to identical.

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Drummer Feedback

Nigel Olsson # Elton John
I like Paiste’s consistency, quality in sound and their unsurpassed service. The cymbals are giving me inspiration that I need to provide a good show every night.
Chris (Nigel’s drumtech) added: The Paiste consistency in quality provides the first class sound for all our rigs we have in use around the globe.

Carl Palmer # Asia
Quality control of the sound is superb, consistency. The sonic control. They actually do what they say on the cymbal! 36 years!

Jason Gianni # The Collective
When you look up "individuality" in the dictionary, the definition reads: "a total character peculiar to and distinguishing an individual from others." In order to stand out, I've always aimed to be individualistic in nature, both in my personal life and my professional/playing career as well. My Paiste cymbal collection (most notably, my Signature line) is just that: INDIVIDUAL.
Whether it's from my live sound, a recording of mine streaming through speakers, or something I recorded airing through the TV, I can always identify & recognize that Signature sound immediately. Character.  Indentity. Distinction. All words that adequately describe this wonderful line (and company!) of cymbals.

Jeremy Haynes # Donnie McClurkin
The Signature Fast Crashes have an intense quickness in the tone and the sound of the cymbals are very accurate to the touch and attack. They’re very colorful and bright when played, and they look incredible on stage. I use them on almost every recording session and live performance. I LOVE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!

Scott Rockinfield # Queensryche
I’ve been using Paiste Cymbals (and have been a member of their gracious endorsee family) since 1984, and they never cease to impress and inspire me. My current setup consists of 13" Medium Hats, 2x 18" Power Crashes, 16" Power Crash, 17" Power Crash, 2x 18" Heavy Chinas, 20" Dry Ride, 8" &, 10" Splash…all in the Signature series. I cannot express how crisp and crystal clear these cymbals sound. They are the most musical cymbals I have had the opportunity to continue to play.

Danny Carey # Tool
Brilliance and consistency are all I ask. Paiste Signature delivers!

Stewart Copeland # The Police
I like the Signature Series sound family because they’re crisp and clear…they speak fast and die beautifully.

John Dolmayan # System of a Down
I’ve been using the Paiste Signature Series cymbals for 17 years and have never found a more consistent and enhancing cymbal. When you have the best, it’s tough to play on anything else.

Josh Freese # Session Great
The Signature Cymbals sound like you’ve just cleaned a couple of years of wax out of your ears and you’re hearing cymbals for the first time ever!

J.D. Blair # Shania Twain
I play them now. No need to mess up a good thang, so there's no doubt that I’ll be playing my Paiste Signatures in Heaven! Sweet, Cymbals equal Sweet, Groovin’ Ear Candy! Innaminnit, Psa150! = tgr.

Tico Torres # Bon Jovi
I love the consistency and the versatility of tones.

Jeff Campitelli # Joe Satriani
I’m really diggin’ my Signature “Reflector “Heavy Full Crashes...the 20” and 22” are the best Rock-n-Roll crashes I’ve played...the tone and sustain of a Full Crash but the durability of a Power crash...the perfect combination!

Nicko McBrain # Iron Maiden
It’s the sound of heaven on earth! That’s what I imagine heaven to sound like…!

Dean Butterworth # Good Charlotte
I've been playing Paiste cymbals since 1993 and Paiste are the best cymbals on the planet!!!! I'm currently playing the Signature “Reflector” Series. My current set up is the 14" Heavy Full Hi Hats, 17" Full Crash, 18" 19" & 20" Heavy Full Crashes, and the 22" Signature Dark Metal Ride. Whatever gig I’m doing, in the studio or live, these cymbals always give me the sound I need. If you are as serious about drumming as I am, you need to play Paiste Cymbals!

Ryan Loerke # Secret & Whisper
I have a mix of 2002's and Signature's for my set-up, but the Signature “Reflector” are the backbone of everything. Whether I'm playing live or in the studio, their tones are perfect for whatever is needed. I wouldn't play anything else!