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Series Description: Forged from a proprietary bronze developed specifically for cymbals, handcrafted from start to finish by highly skilled Swiss craftsmen, conceived and executed according to uncompromising sound concepts, Signature Cymbals are instruments of unsurpassed quality for the discerning drummer’s quest for personal creativity and musical excellence.
Since: 2004
Alloy: Proprietary Signature Bronze
Applications: Soft to medium loud settings • Live and recording • Jazz, Swing, Blues, Latin, R&B, Pop, Country, moderate Rock • Also excellently suitable for acoustic music and classical settings and mallet rolls
Sound: Dark, multi-layered, warm, crisp and rich with special emphasis on control, projection, balance and comfort for supreme playing feel

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Drummer Feedback

David Palmer # Rod Stewart
I’ve never heard anything like the Signature “Dark Energy” models. These cymbals are 4-dimensional; they’re surround sound! Every producer I work with says they sit beautifully in the mix, every sound engineer with Rod Stewart says they sit beautifully in the stage mix for the audience. They have an articulation which is bar none. The “Dark Energ’s have warmth; they have versatility! They’re absolutely incredible sounding cymbals!

Alfonzo Andre # Jaguares
The Signature “Dark Energy” line is incredibly versatile. You can hit them hard with sticks or light with brushes, they always sound amazing. They have a full, rich, musical sound with a very wide range. Live or in the studio you can really count on these cymbals. They sound just right.

Svend Lerche # The Daylights
The Signature “Dark Energy” cymbals are by far the best cymbals I've ever played. They give me the right amount of edge yet fullness I need for both touring and recording. One of the main things that put these cymbals over the top is the way they "brake up" without becoming eerie or too harsh. I can ride a crash cymbal and get the push and energy I need without it becoming to overbearing. When my band performs live, every night the front of house guy loves my cymbals for not getting in the vocal mics. Again Paiste somehow created a cymbal that is big and full yet never piercing. 

Lenny Castro # Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks
The Signature Series sound family has consistently gotten better while keeping its great quality. Recently, I’m liking the “Dark Energy” cymbals.

Dan Needham # Amy Grant
One of the reasons that I've been playing Paiste for the last 20 years is that they never lose touch with the ever mutating demands of modern music. The Signature “Dark Energy” cymbals are the perfect pairing of modern and timeless. With my 17", 18", 19" Crashes along with my 22" Mark I Ride - there isn't a genre of music I can't cover. I love the way they always lay into a track musically - never obnoxiously. It's like each cymbal has soul.

Chad Wackerman # Frank Zappa, Allan Holdsworth
The Signatures “Dark Energy” cymbals have dry and dark sounds with a big personalities. My favorite new tones can sound aggressive and elegant.

Nathaniel Townsley # Alejandro Sanz
I feel that these cymbals cover the full range, both musically and sonically for all the styles I play. There is simply nothing better than playing Paiste!

Tobias Ralph # 24-7 Spyz, DeFunkt
Paiste cymbals are a joy to play because I can evoke multiple sounds from one cymbal. Example, the 21” Mark I offers great bell character with nice stick clarity, yet the edge gives a nice crash/ride character. I’ve had nothing but a great time recording with the “Dark Energy” and Signature Fast Crashes. They blend so well together. Engineers ask for a balance of bright character and present mid-range frequencies in a crash cymbal. The great thing about the Signature family is their consistency across the entire lines. If I happen to crack one, I know I’ll be getting a replacement that sounds identical to what I previously had. The selection in the entire program of “Traditionals”, “Dark Energy” and Signature series is great. There is something available for everyone!

Paul Leim # Session Great, Reba McEntire, Shania Twain, Kenny Rogers, Kenny Chesney, Lionel Richie
When I took the Signatures to the studio for the first time, the engineers just went nuts!!! They didn’t have to EQ the cymbals to brighten them up and therefore not coloring the drums. The Dark Energy’s are the best combination for covering the entire basis for brilliance & darkness. Since the first night of playing them at the 2004 Yamaha Groove Night, I haven’t looked back since.

Abe Laboriel Jr. # Paul McCartney
Paiste Cymbals are expressive, dynamic, and versatile. I am lucky to have such an extraordinary palette of sounds to choose from.

Curt Bisquera # Eros Ramazotti, Bisquera Brothers
All three lines of the Signature Family cover my needs whether it be studio, live, or local club dates. Whatever your choice of musical taste consists of, you’ll find it here in the Signature Family.

Rene Creemers # Drumbassadors
Once learned handling them, you will find whole new world of sound. Like you want to get to know someone, a drummer has to get to know the cymbal, and in return, it’ll get to know the drummer and will be able to unfold its entire potential of sound.

Davide Ragazzoni # Angelo Branduardi
From the Munich Philharmonic to the big arenas, from small Jazz Clubs to the most prestigious theatres, Paiste always delivers me the dynamics and the nuances I need, from soft to more powerful situations. Singers are often afraid of the sheer volume of cymbals, but I never had problems with this, because Paiste cymbals are reacting to my touch.

Hideo Yamaki # Yosui Inoue
Paiste Signature “Dark Energy” cymbals provide me with amazing sound, over and over again! They’re very rich and just gorgeous. They blend fine with other instruments, but they never drown…! Well contoured and always distinctively hearable!

Mark Chipello # Tyrone Wells
I am on the road over two hundred days a year and I love my Signature “Reflector” and “Dark Energy” Crashes. The warmth and clarity of these cymbals never fails and the balance that they bring to my sound is perfect!

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